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Safe2Say Program

To keep our schools safe we need your help! Click the link below to learn how to submit an anonymous tip.
Safe2saypa Hotline: 1-844-723-2729
The Franklin Regional School District works every day to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for students, staff, families, and the entire community. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and the purpose of this communication is to promote awareness of three safety reporting procedures and options for the entire Franklin Regional School District community including:
• Talk with a trusted adult at school and a trusted adult at home
• Report a concern directly to local law enforcement
• Report a concern through the statewide Safe2Say program
Anytime there is a safety concern, students should talk with a trusted adult at school and a trusted adult at home immediately. We want students to feel comfortable and confident in expressing their concerns. Any person can call or email the school principal or report a bullying concern, potential threat, suicidal threat, or any other concern to any staff member. We appreciate when students and parents share concerns that they have or have heard from others.
Students and families may also directly report a concern to the Murrysville Police Department, Delmont Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, or Franklin Regional School Police. Reporting to law enforcement allows immediate investigation of concerns. The police will also collaborate with school officials, if appropriate. This option may be considered if there is an after-hours or weekend concern, or a threat towards self and/or others.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also recently launched the Safe2Say (S2SS) program. Franklin Regional students in grades 6-12 received training on this program this week. The program allows one to report a secure and anonymous safety concern to help identify and intervene with at-risk individuals before they hurt themselves and/or others. It teaches students how to recognize warning signs and signals, especially within social media, of individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and Say Something to a trusted adult OR use its anonymous reporting system. Specifically, the program educates students to:
• Recognize the signs and signals of at-risk behaviors – especially with social media
• Take every sign and signal seriously; act quickly to get help by talking to a trusted adult OR
• Report it anonymously through the S2SS Office of the Attorney General 24/7 Crisis Center, mobile app, or website
The Safe2Say Program is mandated by Act 44 of 2018 and requires participation from all K-12 school districts in Pennsylvania. A phone number, smartphone app, and web-based application are available as reporting options. Reports submitted to this system will be triaged by the Crisis Center at the Office of the Attorney General and subsequently communicated to county 911 dispatch centers, local law enforcement, and school officials for further assessment and investigation.
When any threat or concern is reported or becomes known through any of these three reporting methods (talk to an adult at school and at home, directly report to law enforcement, report through the Safe2Say system), the District and/or police evaluate the threat to assess the credibility and determine action. That action could include school consequences and/or criminal consequences. If you have any questions regarding the Safe2Say program or any of the other reporting methods, please contact your school’s principal.