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339 K-12 Counseling Plan

The Franklin Regional School District Chapter 339 Plan Overview

What is the Chapter 339 Plan?

Pennsylvania requires all school districts to have a K-12 School Counseling Plan as part of Chapter 339. This plan addresses the importance of career planning for all students related to labor market projections and workforce needs. The Franklin Regional School District’s Chapter 339 Plan aligns with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Academic Standards for Career Education and Work. There are four main standards concentrations categories. They include Career Awareness and Preparation (discovering self-awareness, interests and relationships), Career Acquisition (getting a job), Career Retention and Advancement (keeping a job), and Entrepreneurship (creating a job).

Why is the Chapter 339 Plan Important?

In accordance with the Franklin Regional School District’s mission statement, the Chapter 339 Plan will develop a fluid process and reference for the district’s students. Equally, it will aid the district’s school counselors' efforts in helping students focus on academic, career and social/emotional development throughout their elementary and secondary school experience. This working document will help frame efforts toward the Franklin Regional School District students’ sustained preparation and success in school while preparing them to lead fulfilling, post graduate lives as responsible members of society.

When did the Chapter 339 Plan Process begin and what will Its Evolvement Entail?

The Franklin Regional School District began this process in October 2015. Amid the process, there were professional development opportunities via six full-day training sessions from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The training sessions concluded in March 2017. The initial Chapter 339 Plan received the School Board of Directors’ approval in the summer of 2017. Equally, the plan will need School Board re-approval every five years.

Who is involved in the Chapter 339 Plan’s Process?

School district and building level administration, as well as the Franklin Regional School District K-12 Counseling Staff have assisted with the development of the district’s Chapter 339 Plan. Additionally, the school district’s 339 Advisory Council meets twice per school year to discuss the development and sustainability of the Chapter 339 Plan. This Advisory Council consists of educator, parent, student, business/community, and postsecondary stakeholder members. The Franklin Regional School District’s Counseling Team also continues to meet regularly during the professional development trainings and otherwise to update our 339 plan.

Where will the Chapter 339 Plan’s Process be in the Future?

The Franklin Regional K-12 Counseling Team and associated 339 Advisory Council will review and update the Chapter 339 Plan annually or every three to five years, depending on the respective review’s requirements. The Plan’s Program (SMART) goals that were developed for each level (elementary, middle school and high school) will serve as a focus area every year for the counseling staff.