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Architectural Renderings - Primary School Renovation

This page contains the architectural renderings, as provided by VEBH architects, for the renovation of the existing Sloan Elementary School, which will become the facility that houses our youngest learners in grades K-2. These designs have been presented to the Board Committee for review and evaluation. These designs are only architectural renderings and do not represent the final, accepted design of the primary building (designs as of 2017-18).

Primary Elementary School Renovation

(Housing Grades K-2)
Sloan building footprints
Front Entry - Sloan
Other side
Elevation view
Bus Cafe Entrance
Interior Classroom
Interior Classroom Rendering (K-2)
Innovation Center
Innovation Center Rendering (K-2)
Interior 2nd Grade Corridor
Interior - 2nd Grade Corridor Rendering (K-2)
Interior Vestibule
Interior - Vestibule Rendering (K-2)
Library Rendering (K-2)