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Needs/Current Building & Property Limitations

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The District needs to add new capabilities within our elementary schools in order to provide needed improvements to our academic programs that add STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, arts, and mathematics) as well as new technology capabilities.  These are essential improvements needed for our future students so that our District will remain a leader in the education of our youth.


FR can add the above capabilities through the renovation of the current Sloan Elementary School and the addition of a new Intermediate 3-5 school. The District cannot add these capabilities to Heritage or Newlonsburg Elementary Schools because the buildings and property are landlocked.  The construction of a new elementary building on the Sloan property would solve this problem by providing all elementary students with the necessary improvements to our academic programs.


One new primary (K-2) elementary building on the Sloan property is the most economical way to provide all students with needed programs that will keep them competitive with their peers in other Districts and when they enter their post-secondary pathways.  Even if Heritage and Sloan were not landlocked, providing one comprehensive elementary campus on the Sloan property site that includes all the needed capabilities is still more efficient and cost-effective for the future than modifying and repairing all three existing elementary buildings.


Heritage Elementary School was not originally built as an elementary building and, as a result, is creating some significant limitations.  Bathroom facilities in this building are quite insufficient and are resulting in lost instructional time every day, putting these students at a disadvantage.


Heritage Elementary School has water and leakage problems in some areas of the foundation of the building that cannot be easily repaired.  When these students are moved to the new elementary campus on the Sloan property, this building could potentially be decommissioned.


To institute new academic programs that are needed at both the middle school and the high school levels, modifications to these buildings will also be needed.  At Franklin Regional Senior High School, these programs include the new "Introduction to Engineering" course that has had a very large student response as well as future planned courses in Biomedical and Computer Science/Robotics fields. These courses require specialized spaces that are impossible to build in the current footprint of the high school. Franklin Regional Middle School has added new units of study as well as new equipment where possible, but some programmatic changes are hindered because of design limitations. 


No increase in the footprints of the Middle School or High School can be made on the main campus as long as the "landlock" problem exists.