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Tribune-Review/Murrysville Star
The Penn-Franklin
FR to Award Sloan Bids at Feb. 18 Meeting (2.16.19).pdf
FR. to Award Sloan Bids at Feb. 18 Meeting (Continued).pdf
FR Reschedules Opening Bids for Sloan.pdf
FR Board Sets Feb.5 to Open Bids (1.28.19).pdf
FR Board Urged to Withdraw Plan for Sloan.pdf (11.17.18)
Murrysville to Vote on Sloan Project (10.15.18).pdf
Export Council Goes on Record Opposing Sloan Project (10.10.18).pdf
Council Sets Conditions for Sloan Project (10.8.18).pdf
Export Franklin Regional Project A Debacle (10.5.18).pdf
Decision on Sloan School -Continued (9.24.18).pdf
Council Holds Workshop on Sloan Project (9.10.18).pdf
Sloan Traffic, Safety Broached (8.30.18).pdf
Sloan School Project on Council Workshop Agenda (8.29.18).pdf
Residents Voice Objection to Sloan School Project (8.27.18).pdf
Murrysville Outlines Its Role in Sloan Project (8.20.18).pdf
Decision Process of FR Board Questioned (6.6.18).pdf
Sloan Traffic Review Presented to Council (6.25.18).pdf
Planners Continue Review of Sloan Project (6.4.18).pdf
Letter to the Editor (School Board) (4.5.18)
Residents Protest Sloan Project - 1.29.18.pdf
Murrysville Hires Traffic Consultant for Sloan Project - 1.22.18.pdf
Gas Line-Sloan Project Submitted to State - 1.10.18.pdf
Sloan Project Submitted to State - Part 2 - 1.10.18.pdf
Board to Vote on Bond Issue - 10.4.17.pdf
Update on Building Project - 8.9.17.pdf
Special Meeting Notice - 7.12.17.pdf
Residents Question Plan for Sloan Campus - 5.3.17.pdf
Residents Question Plan for Sloan Campus - Part 2 - 5.3.17.pdf
Committee Recommends Plan for Elementary Campus - 4.26.17.pdf
Geotechnical Study Begins at Sloan -4.19.17.pdf
Elementary Campus Most Popular Option (Town Hall Meeting) - 3.29.17.pdf
Board Receives Feasibility Study Summary - 1.25.17.pdf
Keeping Buildings Status Quo Cost $97 million. - 1.18.17pdf
FR Study Projects Population Increase - 1.11.17.pdf
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Television News