Franklin Regional’s FRobotics Team Captures 1st Place

Murrysville, PA (August 16, 2019) ~ Franklin Regional Senior High School’s (FRSH) FRobotics team captured 1st Place at the Steel City Show Down competition conducted August 3, 2019, at Carnegie Mellon University. The Steel City Robotics Alliance hosted the event.

Franklin Regional’s (FR) Team 4150, along with their robot named Curiosity, were part of a three-school alliance that captured a first-place win. FR joined 18 other teams from Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia at the event.

2019 proved to be a banner year for FRobotics Team 4150. The group was the 2019 WOW Robotics Alliance competition champions, which qualified them to compete at the 2019 FIRST World Championships.

Team 4150 members include Courtney Sheridan, Team Captain/President, Kathleen Sheridan, Co-Marketing Lead, CJ Ciecierski, Treasurer, Daniel Kline, Scouting Lead/Co-Wiring Lead, Kalinda Wagner, Co-Programming Lead, Tina Henninger, Secretary, Caleb Anthony, Elaina Ciecierski, Outreach Lead, Eric Huth, Co-Build Lead, Ethan Lee, Asst. Scouting Lead, Dana Lynch, Co-Safety Lead, Trevor McLeigh, Vice President, Bryan McShea, Co-Programming Lead, Areej Mohsin, Brooke Sherman, Amy Zucco, Co-Marketing Lead.

Other FRobotics Team members include Jarrett Aiken, Kutaiba Akhrass, Muhad Akhter, Natalia Albamonti, Andrew Bachner, Manali Badwe, Adam Dauby (Co-Safety & Co-Wiring Lead), Levi Eckman (Co-Build Lead), Luke Feisullin, Ben Hollerman, Alaina Jenkins, Madison Levett, Ryan Lopez, Colin Miller, Zoe Moser, Austin Musto, Liam Novak, Ian Pace, Shrey Ramesh, Noah Reese, Braiden Stroba, Jude Walker, Max Wang, Eva Wilstermann, Ahmad Yaseen, Evan Zhou, and Raymond Zhu.


  Franklin Regional Senior High School’s Courtney Sheridan, FRobotics Team Captain, is shown holding Team 4150’s winning trophy together with alliance teammates, Benjamin Marcouiller, of Team 2051 from AW Beattie Career Center, and Kyle Berg, of Team 1511 from Rochester Robotics in New York.