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Transportation Contacts of Interest:
Franklin Regional Transportation
(724) 327-5456 x7625
AJ Myers and Sons Transportation
(724) 327-5214 

Transporting students to and from school every day is an important part of their education.  The safety and security of your children are foremost when determining bus schedules.  The FRSD transports more than 3500 students from Murrysville, Export, and Delmont each day.  Bus stops are determined by need, space available that allows for social distancing, and location of bus riders and may be subject to change.  At any time during the school year, times and stop locations are subject to change due to students being added to routes or students no longer riding the bus. 


Bus Passes - Consistency of the bus routes is very important.  Students must use their own assigned bus stop.  Students may not ride a friend's bus.  Students may not get on or off the bus at an earlier or later bus stop.  Bus Passes may be requested for emergency situations and require prior approval.  Please call your school secretary if you have an emergency.


***Kindergarten & 1st-grade students MUST be met by an adult at afternoon drop‑off.  A sibling in Middle or Senior High or another guardian that your student recognizes may also be your designated pick up person.  **Every attempt will be made to deliver your child safely at their designated stop.  In the event your designed pick up person is not at the stop, the driver will make a second attempt.  If the child’s pick up person is still not available, for the safety of your student; they will remain on the bus while the driver communicates to the bus company, AJ Myers & Sons.  The bus company and/or the District will attempt to reach the parent/guardian listed in eSchools so please make sure your contacts are up to date.


Alternate Transportation (any transportation other than the child (ren)’s home address listed in eSchool) may be provided to local childcare centers or other caregivers on a regular basis.  Students may be picked up or dropped off at a child-care address if the service can be accommodated on an existing neighborhood route. An Alternate Transportation Request form must be filled out each year and submitted to the Administration Office.


On days when a Delayed Opening has been instituted, you will receive a phone call from the Franklin Regional School District’s Automated Calling System.  If there is a two-hour delay, your child (ren) will be picked up 2 hours later than the regularly scheduled time.


COVID-19 Updates:  In order to comply with the PA Dept of Health and PA Dept of Education, all students using District transportation are required to wear a face-covering at all times.  In addition, all students will have assigned seating in order to maintain social distancing to the extent feasible.   All belongings must be held on lap.  No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.  The isles must be kept clear of bags and other student belongings.  Students are to remain seated and forward-facing when the bus is in motion. 


Audio/Video Recording on School Buses (Policy #810.2) The use of video and audio recording equipment supports efforts to maintain discipline and to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, contractors, and others being transported on district-owned, operated, or contracted school buses or school vehicles.  Therefore, the Board has authorized the use of VIDEO and AUDIO recording on school buses and school vehicles.  All vehicles equipped with video and audio equipment will have a clearly posted notice to inform both drivers and passengers of the potential for video and audio recording.  The full policy is posted on the main District web site and can found at School Board > Policy Manual New. 


**The District is committed to having all buses running on schedule.  Weather, traffic, and unforeseen incidents may delay the arrival of school buses.  In the event that your bus does not arrive within 10-15 minutes of the scheduled time, please contact A.J. Myers & Sons at 724-327-5214.