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Public Relations

Communication is an essential part of what we do at FR. We strive to engage our target audiences in meaningful dialogue, and we work to tell our story through various media, social media, and other communication outreach tools. We view our families as community partners and value the role they play in the District and in the educational process.

Celebrating Our Students/Staff
The District celebrates the accomplishments of its students and staff with a monthly, 2017 PenSPRA Award winner e-publication, PawPrints, that is communicated to families and the community using the web-based service, Constant Contact. The District also issues periodic news releases and helps coordinate feature stories in local magazines, newspapers, and television. Information is also shared on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. The District also has featured space in the magazine, IN-Murrysville, which is produced four times per year.

District Cable TV Show
The District also hosts the periodic, 2017 PenSPRA Award-winning cable television show, FR In Focus. Co-hosting the shows are Dr. Gennaro Piraino, Jr., Superintendent of Schools, and Cara Zanella, Director of Development & Communications. The show's focus is on trends in education, broad-based topics that center on FR and its educational programming, and innovative projects in which the District is engaged. The show can be viewed on local cable stations or can be accessed via the District's website.

Communication Tools
The District utilizes the web-based service, Constant Contact, to send emails to parents, families and community members who are registered for the service. The District also has Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages with links to the social media sites on the District website. Emergency messages and other instant communications are sent via Blackboard Connect to families via email, telephone, and text messaging.

News Media
The District works with local media representatives in both print and electronic mediums to communicate its message out to the public, community, and region. The newspapers serving the District are the Penn-Franklin and the Murrysville Star (Tribune-Review). All media inquiries are required to go through the Director of Development & Communication's Office. For the protection and privacy of our students and staff, media is not permitted on FR's main campus, Sloan campus, and other properties without prior permission from the District's Communications Office. Media should call 724-327-5456 x7624 (office) or 724-889-7657 (cellular) for any inquiries or requests.

About the District
The Franklin Regional School District serves approximately 3,400 students from Murrysville, Delmont, and Export in grades K-12. The District includes five buildings - one Senior High School (Grades 9-12), one Middle School (Grades 6-8), and three elementary schools (Grades K-5). The District is operating, for the 2019-20 school year, having expenditures of $59,709,926 and revenues of $59,030,731 with $679,195 of additional funding coming from the PSERS committed fund balance with a millage rate of 98.06. One mill is valued at $354,500.

Department Contact:

Director of Development & Communications
Office: 724-327-5456