FR Panther Marching Band Fruit Sale

The Annual FR Panther Marching Band

Fruit Sale has begun!


It is once again time for the annual band fruit sale. This annual sale is a major opportunity for the band and band front students to raise funds to cover the cost of upcoming trips. The following are the key items to consider for your participation in the 2019 fruit sale. Thank you for your support! 

  • We are using the same fruit supplier that has served us well for more than 15 years. They are reporting good fruit and average crop size this year.
  • The fruit sale begins October 1, 2019 and ends October 31, 2019. Ordering is paper oronline. Fruit will be delivered a band member the week of December 9th.
  • Online Orders - Order online at . Also, Gift Items, that are directly shipped to an address you designate, may be ordered online. All online orders must be made by November 7, 2019.
  • Profit earned from your order can go directly into the travel account of a band student that you designate. Simply select the student's name when placing your order online; otherwise the profit will go directly to the Band Boosters’ general fund.
  • Paper Orders – Please contact a band member and they can take your order. All paper orders must be made by October31, 2019.



Item #      FRUIT                        SALE PRICE                  Item #      FRUIT                     SALE PRICE

#1     Large Navel Oranges             $44.50                      #13    Large Anjou Pears            $50.00

#2     Small Navel Oranges              $27.50                      #15    Lg Red Delicious Apples    $47.50

#3     Large Juice Oranges              $35.00                      #18     Pineapples (case)              $24.00

#4     Small Juice Oranges              $27.50                      #23     Trio Mix Box                       $32.00

#6     Small Tangelos                       $32.00                      #24     Citrus Mix Box                    $33.00

#7     Large Grapefruit                      $37.50                      #74     Fresh Fruit Sampler           $29.50

#8     Small Grapefruit                      $27.50                      #75     Apple Sampler                    $29.50

#9     Navel/Grapefruit Sampler       $31.50                      #78     Apple/Pear Sampler           $29.50

#10   Navel Oranges: 10# box         $22.00                      #84     Anjou Pears, single            $26.50

#11   Grapefruit: 10# box                 $22.00                      #85     Red Del. Apples, Single     $26.50

#12   Clementines: 8-10# box         $26.50


You may order online: or Click the link on the front page of the band website:

Questions:  Contact Stacy or Allan Rose, or 1-724-594-3034 (cell/text).

Watch with pride as the band marches in the

2019 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City!