Seven FRSH Students Named 2019 PSMLA Global Scholar Graduates

Seven FRSH Students Named 2019 PSMLA Global Scholar Graduates

Murrysville, PA (June 4, 2019) ~ Franklin Regional Senior High School (FRSH) students Sathwik Garimella, Benjamin McClosky, Claire Pamerleau, Julia Scagline, Jaden Seman, Kinan Moukamal, and Lea Rae Wesolowski attained the distinction of 2019 Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) Global Scholars Graduates.

“It is a credit to Franklin Regional that your district has provided an environment that fosters the development of global competence to prepare today’s students for personal, academic, and professional success in the global community,” said Dr. Jan Hostler Steward, of PSMLA.

The PSMLA Global Scholars Program parallels programs in other states and is designed for students to complete over a 4-year period. The PSMLA Global Scholars Program is completing its 4th year in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

During grades 9-12, the following four components, each of which has a global focus, must be achieved and approved by PSMLA.

  1. Academic courses - successful completion of the following (average grade of B or better): 4 years (or equivalent) of the same world language and 4 additional credits toward graduation that are already part of the school’s course of study and for which a primary component is global in nature.
  2. Active participation as confirmed by a sponsor in extra-curricular activities (minimum of 4) such as: World Language or Cultural Club, World Language Honor Society, school-sponsored field trips or activities that explore global aspects, other community activity that includes a global component, as verified by the adult in the community in charge, and accepted by the school’s criteria.
  3. Service (minimum of 20 hours), such as: tutoring in the target language, volunteering to teach a world language to elementary or middle school students, working with an elementary or middle school, world language activity, producing an approved original project, and up to 5 hours of internship and job-shadowing with a global focus.
  4. Literature/media reviews (minimum of 8, at least 4 of which are books) that are: approved and reviewed by the school’s Global Scholar mentor/designee/advisor and standards-based that reflect higher-level thinking skills.

After completing all of the criteria, students qualify for a Global Scholars Certificate, and they may wear a Global Scholars Honor Cord at graduation.

“Your students have shown ambition, dedication, and initiative to have completed all of the components in this time frame,” added Dr. Hostler Steward.