Panther Foundation-Spitzer Innovation Grants


The FR Panther Foundation, in collaboration with Spitzer Automotive, awards Innovation Grants to Franklin Regional educators and coaches who build a strong case for a unique, innovative program that will provide a robust learning opportunity and support the growth of athletic talent in order to for students to achieve a higher degree of excellence. Those employees interested in applying for an Innovation Grant may download the following information for review and complete the online application form. Note that only applications submitted in their entirety will be considered for review. 

(Left to Right/Seated)
Becky Magness, Ashley Harmon, Addie Martz, Carmen Loughner
(Left to Right/Standing)
Juan Pedro-Reyna, Todd Binnig, John Simpson, Herb Yingling (Panther Foundation Vice-President), Charles Hergenroeder (Panther Foundation President), Jim Passarelli, Mark Wolfgang

SPRING 2022  
Mariachi Festival $5,572.00
Outdoor Gardening Innovation Center $9,934.87
Digital Microscopes $2,988.00
Portable Podcast Studio $1,965.45
Do You See What I "C" - 5Cs Campaign $1,850.00
Code Further $11,079.00
Panther Mascot $7,000.00
FALL 2021  
FR Robotics Workshop @ Newlonsburg $10,000
SPRING 2020  
MS Entrance SIG  $2,953.27
FR Panther Shop Mobile Kiosk   $6,898.00
FALL 2019  
Lark & Owl Mini PCK   $1,835.00
Making a Difference in the Library   $5,000.00
PadCaster Morning Announcements $1,599.99
SPRING 2019  
What Are You Eating? $1,702.00
D.A.C.E.    $1,270.64
Wonder Women Workshop $1,115.80
21st Century Strength & Conditioning  $4,558.00
FALL 2018  
HTC VIVE Virtual Reality  $6,318.08
Padcasting  $1,299.99
Black Light Laser Fitness $1,360.00
SPRING 2018  
FR Panther Shop  $12,929.96
FALL 2017  
STREAM Forward  $11,000.00
AP Chemistry PH Probes  $592.00
Many thanks to Spitzer Automotive for being a loyal supporter of the Panther Foundation and providing over $200,000 in funding over several years towards Innovation Grants, K-12 STREAM programming, the new Elementary Campus playgrounds, and more!
The NEW playgrounds at Franklin Regional Primary and Franklin Regional Intermediate were made possible through funding from the following generous contributors:
The Panther Foundation
Spitzer Automotive
Former Elementary
PTO's of: