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Cool-eMath, the Math classrooms of Mr. Christopher Cooley

Hello! My name is Christopher M. Cooley, and I have been teaching since 1997.  I knew as a 4th grade student when given the chance to peer tutor a student in math that I loved math and had a passion for translating it to others. I have built my life around this passion, and it is so rewarding for me to see so many former students doing well in college, especially in areas of study where math is critical such as engineering, computer science, or business.
I am a member of the 7th grade Castle House where I teach with Mr. Aganad (Soc. Studies), Mr. Bauer (Science), and Mrs. See (English).  The Castle House teachers, like all house teachers in the middle school, believe it is important to imprint on the students a pride in our Castle House that is built through the joy, passion, and drive of the Castle House teachers and hard work and fun times with the Castle House students. If you are a member of the Castle House, welcome!  We look forward to helping you become the young adult that will make your parents and family proud.
I maintain my own website that I use in my classroom that I have built from scratch over the last 20 years.  Send me an email, and I can share the details of the website I use in class on daily basis to help students master mathematical concepts from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to become the mathematical experts needed in the 21st Century. Additionally, I have my own classroom Remind accounts for text blasting students and parents to share content related to my classroom.  Please feel free to reach out to me to find out the class code for your child's classroom.  Take care.
Period 1 - Math 7
Period 2 - Math 7
Period 6 - Accelerated Math 7
Period 7 - Accelerated Math 7
Period 8 - Accelerated Math 7
Period 9 - Extended Learning & PSSA Review