Meal Prices, Payments and Refunds

2022-2023 MEAL PRICES 
Grades K-5
Lunch $2.70
Breakfast $1.35
Grades 6-8
Lunch $3.00
Breakfast $1.45
  Grades 9-12 
  Lunch $3.00
  Breakfast $1.45
Payments can be made by cash, check or electronic payments. 
When paying by check, please write the student's name or the three to four-digit lunch PIN number they were assigned upon his/her enrollment. 
You can log into  to set up electronic payments, see purchases, set low balance alerts, and more.
Refunds - Franklin Regional will process any lunch account refunds for balances over $5.00.  These refunds are available to seniors and withdrawing students.
If your student's account is less than $5.00 and you would like your refund, please contact Stephanie Graham at [email protected] or Ericka Cowell at [email protected].
Senior balances under $5.00 - please request your refund by June 10th of the graduating year.  For graduating seniors with younger siblings, those balances (positive & negative) will get transferred to the younger sibling if not paid before graduation. 
Withdrawing from District with a balance under $5.00 ? - If you are withdrawing from the District and have a balance less than $5.00, please request this at least one week prior to your withdrawal so we can process this for you.

If you haven’t had a chance to download the new LINQ Connect App, today is the day. The Titan Family Portal is now LINQ Connect and all of your information has already been transferred over for you.

Simply log in using your existing username and password. All your student, payment information, recurring payments, notifications and anything else you’ve previously set up will remain. If you use a browser to access your accounts, no problem. Visit and log in.

Scan the QR codes below or visit your app store to download today. For additional information and tools please visit our parent resource center