Meal Prices, Payments and Refunds

2022-2023 MEAL PRICES 
Grades K-5
Lunch $2.70
Breakfast $1.35
Grades 6-8
Lunch $3.00
Breakfast $1.45
  Grades 9-12 
  Lunch $3.00
  Breakfast $1.45
REFUNDS - Franklin Regional will process any lunch account refunds for balances over $5.00.  These refunds are available to seniors and withdrawing students. 
If your student's account is less than $5.00 and you would still like a refund, please contact Stephanie Graham at [email protected] or Ericka Cowell at [email protected] 
For senior balances* under $5.00, please request your refund by June 10th of the graduating year. 
     *Graduating seniors (with no younger siblings) with a balance greater than $5.00 are processed automatically every year.  If there is a younger sibling, balances that are positive or negative will be transferred to the younger sibling.  If there is not a younger sibling and the balance is greater than $5.00, you will receive a check typically no later than 7/31 of the graduating year.  No action is required on the part of the parent. 
Withdrawing ?  If you are withdrawing and would like a refund for a balance that is less than $5.00, please request this at least one week prior to your withdrawal.