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Contact Information

Director of Financial Services:

Jon Perry, CPA
(724) 327-5456, x7621

 - Assistant Director of Financial Services
(Transportation, Food Service, Child Accounting, Student Registration, Budget Transfers)

(724) 327-5456, x7625

Tina Bright
(Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life), Student Activities, Workers Compensation, Retiree Benefits)
(724) 327-5456, x7620

Sally Blackall
(Purchase Orders, Pay Requests, Conference Forms, Mileage Reimbursement, Tuition Reimbursement, Journal Entries)
(724) 327-5456, x7610

Ericka Cowell
(Bidding, Student Registration, Child Accounting, Food Service, and Transportation)
(724) 327-5456, x7622

Pam Ellis
(Payroll, Tax Sheltered Annuities, Buy Backs, Retirement Reporting, AFLAC)
(724) 327-5456, x7611

Joyce Wertz
(Capital Assets)
(724) 327-5456, x7631