To access the three hour mandated reporter course, please click on the link above and then select the "Don't have an account? Click here" link to submit your personal information and receive your log in credentials. You will then be able to access the site and take the training. You will have the option to print your certificate upon completion of the course.
Please be advised that the online training does not cover all components of the requirement specified by Act 126, thereby requiring this supplemental component. Per Act 126, in addition to child abuse and recognition, employees must also be trained on:
      • Educator Misconduct Act, revised in 2014;
      • District Policies and procedures related to the topics addressed in Act 126; and 
      • Maintenance of professional and appropriate relationship with students.
To fully meet this requirement, you must review the power point and complete/return the sign off sheet located at the end of the presentation.
    • As of June 6, 2024, this site is currently unavailable due to system migration.
    • As of June 2024, this site has migrated to a new system which will require you to re-register; your prior account login information will not work.
    • Required Training: Although there are several videos, you are only required to watch: FERPA 101: For Local Education Agencies
    • How to Access: Once you are on the website click on “Click Here to access the course”.
    • First Time Training: Select “Register as New User” and create a profile. Once you have logged in select the  “FERPA 101 for Local Education Agencies” to enroll and complete the training.
    • Renew Training: Use the email address and password you used to originally register for this website. Once you have logged in select the  “FERPA 101 for Local Education Agencies” to enroll and complete the training.
    • Print Certificate: Following the completion of this course, you will have the ability to print a “Certificate of Completion.”
  • FERPA 101 Training via Professional Growth (you MUST have access to Professional Growth to take this session)
    • Log on to Professional Growth and select “Resource Library” (bottom icon on the left). Under “Library” click on “Browse Library”.  In the Search field located in the upper right, type FERPA and press the ENTER key.  Click on the training module “FERPA and HIPAA” associated with the appropriate year range (ie 2019-2020).  Click “Start Now” to begin the session.
    • Use the Previous and Next arrows located at the top right of the screen to advance through the session.  Complete the test (retake if necessary) and view your certificate.  Print a copy of your certificate to forward to HR and keep a copy for your personal record. The date located on the bottom left of the certificate is the date of your certification completion; this FERPA certificate is good for two years.
    • To reprint your certificate: Under “Resource Library” click on “My History”.  Click on the FERPA session -> Resume -> Continue -> Continue -> View Certificate.