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Home education programs (also known as homeschooling) are programs where the education of the student is directed by the parent or guardian or such person having legal custody of the child or children. Home education programs must follow the legal requirements from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and parents must register their programs with the public school district by completing paperwork each year.
Franklin Regional School District recognizes that there are many educational options available to parents. The District is willing to work with families to assist with the requirements for a full home education program, to assist with enrollment in the District’s K-12 cyber program called eAcademy, or to create a blended program that meets a student’s needs. Students may attend school in a face-to-face environment or cyber environment through the District for part of the day and participate in homeschooling for other parts of the day.
Information regarding homeschooling in Pennsylvania is available through the Pennsylvania Department of Education at
Please contact the Director of Instruction and Support Services at 724-327-5456 X7619.