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Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program (SAP) teams exist in each of Franklin Regional’s five buildings and are comprised of principals, counselors, nurses, regular education teachers, special education teachers and a SAP liaison.

Our SAP liaison is employed by Westmoreland Case Management and Supports, Inc (WCSI) and provides a direct link to county resources.

The SAP team can receive referrals from teachers, principals, counselors, parents, or students themselves. When a referral is received, the team works collaboratively to determine intervention options and to connect the student and family to resources. Those resources may include academic supports, behavioral assistance, mental health services, or drug and alcohol treatment, among others.

The mission of SAP teams is to identify and help overcome any struggle a student may be experiencing so he or she can focus on learning.

To learn more about our SAP teams or to make a referral to the team, please contact your child's counselor.

School-Based Mental Health
Family Behavioral Health (FBR) serves our district as a school-based mental health provider. Each of our school buildings is a licensed outpatient site, which means that students can receive services during their school day from mental health professionals. For more information, please contact your child's counselor.